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Best Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem in 2017
December 20 2016

Best Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem in 2017

Hair plays a huge role in self-esteem. It can make or break it, boost or destroy it. If you are experiencing emotional setbacks due to hair loss, don’t despair. The New Year is a great time to improve your self-confidence. Here are some practical ways to achieve that:

  1. A Radical Hair Transformation

    If you have struggled for a long time with the inability to grow out your hair, why not embrace short hair? Go to a salon for a new look — try short bobs, longer lobs or a pixie cut altogether. Surprise yourself with the ways you may benefit from a dramatic new hairstyle. It can be empowering in ways you haven’t experienced yet!

  2. Visit a Hair Loss Studio

    Perhaps chopping off your locks is something you aren’t ready for yet. Well, in the New Year, you can still amp up your confidence using innovative solutions to hair loss. To find out what treatment your hair might need, and to see if there is the possibility for regrowth, visit a professional hair loss studio in your area.

  3. Schedule a Professional Photo-shoot

    The beauty of a photo-shoot is capturing a moment in time artistically, and being able to frame it forever. If you know a good photo studio or photographer you can schedule a session with, this is a memorable way to boost your self-esteem. Good makeup artists and stylists can help you to transform into any look you like for a day. You’ll always have those photos to look back on and give your self-esteem a boost.

  4. Check in With Yourself

    The New Year is a wonderful time to have some moments of reflection, take time to check in with yourself, writing down all the good things that happened to you last year. Even if they are hard to recall, try it and see if there is one or two things that you will remember which made the past year worth it.

  5. Check in With Others

    Another thing you can do is call up a good friend. Ask him or her to remind you about all the great things that went on in your personal life in 2016. They don’t have to be tangible, maybe you learned valuable lessons. Perhaps you escaped being fatally ill. Maybe you made great connections and good friends this year. Whatever happened, know that the phases of life all come to teach us. Perhaps about the beauty of resilience, or even the positive changes that are on the horizon.

At New Look Institute we want you to look and feel your best in 2017! Let it be the year you do something about your hair loss. We offer proven hair restoration solutions. They are non-surgical, non-invasive hair replacement and hair loss treatment solutions for men and women of all hair types, individually customized to your specific needs, degree and type of hair loss, and lifestyle. To schedule a free consultation call us at (408) 279-4247 or to contact us via email click here.


Photo Credit: RyanMcGuire Via Pixabay