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Top Male Celebrities You Didn't Expect to Have Hair Loss
December 27 2016

Top Male Celebrities You Didn't Expect to Have Hair Loss

Male hair loss can happen to anyone, regardless of race, age or lifestyle. Here are how a few of the world’s most famous male celebrities deal with this reality.

  1. Ben Affleck

    For over a decade, folks have speculated about his hair loss: Is he, or isn’t he balding? They say he’s used everything — wigs, hair systems, and cosmetic scalp powder. No one really knows for sure, but perhaps the Hollywood actor is wise to keep the topic a bit mysterious.

  2. Jude Law

    Not even the “World’s Sexiest Man” can escape time. Jude Law’s hairline was obviously receding in many of his films and interviews. So how does he deal with hair loss? In the 2009 premiere of Sherlock Holmes, Jude Law simply wore a beanie to cover it up. He uses his charm and deep eye penetration to distract from the hairline. Then, there are the times when it seems he has taken to a hair system, as the hair looks to be miraculously thicker than the day before.

  3. Johnny Depp

    Sex appeal, for this star, had a lot to do with his youthful, rugged looks. But he’s always adapted. “It’s very, very important to me, no matter who the person is, to play that person with the utmost degree of truth that I’m able to bring,” he has said. We’re sure you’ll agree that Johnny Depp and all of his characters are lovable — with, or without hair.

  4. Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt’s hair has undergone nearly as many transformations as his love life. But it’s not just the length or receding hairline. Brad Pitt often changes up his hair color, too, plus the amount of facial hair he needs to show.

  5. John Travolta

    Pictures don’t lie. Thankfully, the famous actor keeps hair loss rumors away by just taking on the character role he is assigned to. But we can forgive him for growing older. It happens to the best of us. Many have suspected hair transplants, and it’s hard to say what he has and hasn’t undergone. With his megawatt smile and dance moves, John Travolta remains a star, no matter what, and inspires men everywhere to focus on the bigger picture.

If you find yourself in the same dilemma as these male celebrities, why not visit a hair studio? A professional hair loss specialist can suggest what your personal treatments should be. Besides, if a macho movie star can find positive ways to deal with hair loss, then so can you.

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Photo Credit: jodiandbrett Via Pixabay