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Six male Celebrities Who Did Something About Their Hair Loss
January 29 2017

Six Male Celebrities Who Did Something About Their Hair Loss

Six Male Celebrities Who Did Something About Their Hair Loss


Celebrities definitely aren’t exempt when it comes to men's hair loss. It may not look like it on screen, but many have had to deal with the problem—whether due to treatments, illnesses, or just the usual human concept of aging.

If you find yourself suffering the effects of hair loss, don’t let it get you down. Take inspiration from those who have done something about it. Let’s take a look at a few who have found visually pleasing solutions to deal with their own hair loss situation, from kosher wigs to hair restoration.

  1. John Travolta

    The Hollywood star, who famously underwent a face transplant on screen in the 1997 hit film Face Off, seems to have looked to technology for his hair solutions, too. Last year, UK newspaper Metro published pictures of him looking at least a decade younger thanks to a new head of hair.

  2. Jude Law

    When this handsome movie actor showed up for carnival celebrations in Bolivia, everyone was gushing about his new locks, quite a different look than his balding crown just weeks earlier.

  3. Kevin Costner

    Always the topic of much speculation, it’s been rumored that the aging star has undergone a hair transplant, along with quite a few other Hollywood leading men. He has also regularly changed his hair color depending on the role required.

  4. Tom Hanks

    From big puffy hair in the ’80s to short back and sides in films like Forrest Gump, Hanks is a man unafraid to experiment with his locks. The previously receding Oscar winner has recently been seen with more wisps of white hair along his crown line, adding to his debonair appeal.

  5. A.J. McLean

    “I couldn’t be happier,” A.J. McLean once gushed about his hair transplant. Known for his facial hair, tattoos, and piercings, the Backstreet Boys star is clearly proud of the body choices he has made over time.

  6. Jason Gardiner

    Nowadays, there’s no point hiding signs of aging, or covering up what you have done about it. Since he already had a large following on his social networks, British TV personality Jason Gardiner made a point to be entirely open about his hair replacement procedure.

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Photo Credit: Buzzfeed