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Six Hair-Based Resolutions for 2015
December 24 2014

Six Hair-Based Resolutions for 2015

Less than 2 full days remain in 2014, meaning we have little time remaining to set resolutions for 2015. This tradition of setting a goal to make a personal change or two beginning on January 1 has both ancient and religious roots, but the prevalent secular custom that exists today saw most of its expansion as recently as the 20th century. Now, setting resolutions is so widespread that the United States’ government shares the most popular ones on their website. These include losing weight, volunteering, quitting smoking, saving money, getting healthy, and many others. When we noticed that “Get Fabulous Hair” was mysteriously missing from the list, we decided to inspire a change by getting the ball rolling with some great New Year’s resolutions for your locks. So pick one. Or pick two! And then tell your friends and use our tips to make a plan for success, because 2015 is bound to be your best hair year yet!

My New Year’s resolution is to:

1. Stop ignoring the thinning

NLI Tip: Schedule a complimentary hair and scalp analysis for a date of your choice in January. You will be all cued up for success by launching your solution-finding mission right off the bat.

2. Get a trim every six weeks

NLI Tip: Schedule your first trim for mid-January and then schedule your second trim before you leave the salon that day. If you make this your routine, you won’t risk missing a trim.

3. Find better products for my hair

NLI Tip: Check out this post on choosing the right shampoo for you. Consider meeting with a hair care specialist who can make recommendations for the proper fit for your individual needs.

4. Ensure my hair is getting the nutrients it needs

NLI Tip: Track your meals for a week on the USDA’s website and then check your nutrients report to see what you are getting and what you are lacking. Try integrating at least one of our hair healthy recipes into your menu each week.

5. Implement a hair care routine

NLI Tip: Decide what you want your routine to look like now so that you are ready to begin on January 1. Here are a few simple ideas we recommended last year.

6. Get fabulous hair!

NLI Tip: That’s what we’re talking about! This resolution is all about setting big goals, and we are here to help you make them happen from start to finish. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary hair and scalp analysis so that we can work together to set up your path to success for this fantastic 2015 New Year hair resolution!

Photo credit: Rachel Titiriga via Flickr Creative Commons