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5 Shocking Things That Happen When You Have Unwashed, Dirty Hair
February 04 2017

5 Shocking Things That Happen When You Have Unwashed, Dirty Hair

With many celebrities glorifying the bedhead look, dry shampoos and unwashed dirty hair, it can be hard to know what is right or “on trend.” The question, then, to ask yourself is, “What is healthy for my scalp?”

If you’ve considered trying to go for days or even weeks without washing your locks, read this first. We have proof of what happens to your scalp, follicles and hair when you leave it unwashed for way too long.

  1. Dirty Hair Becomes Much Harder to Manage

    As the day’s pass, your scalp will inevitably collect more dirt and grime. While dry shampoos can help keep it looking okay and even volumized or smooth for a couple of days, it won’t last long. Dirty hair doesn’t just look gross; it’s pretty uncomfortable, too. Decide for yourself how often you should wash your hair, whether every few days or once a week. Everyone has different needs.

  2. Oily Sebum Collects Around the follicles

    You know what it feels like when your face gets oily — sticky and greasy. Well, the same goes for your scalp. There is a natural production of oily sebum, meant to moisturize hair strands daily. But if left too long, it can collect in your scalp, causing an unpleasant, mucky feeling. This sebum will only attract excess dirt and other unwanted particles to your crown. Ugh.

  3. Excessive Itching Is Bound to Happen

    You may suffer from dandruff already, or you may just be prone to flaking, which happens when the skin and scalp becomes extra dry. This harsh dryness of the scalp leads to itching, with then leads to excessive scratching, for example, during those chilly, dry winter months. Not very pretty, to say the least. A good shampoo and conditioner is a great antidote for this, preventing you from scratching your scalp manically.

  4. Your Scalp Will Start to Smell

    With its natural oil and sweat glands, your scalp is also prone to bodily bacteria. These things all have their place in the great scheme of things, but you definitely don’t want it to go on for too long, lest your hair become increasingly smelly, with a pungent, dirty odor. You may have to try various shampoos to find the one that works for you best. Read this blog to learn how to care for your scalp.

  5. Your Once-Luscious Strands Will Become Limp

    Most women dream of volumized hair. If, however, you use a lot of styling products, they will have the opposite effect after a few days. Rather than giving your hair a lovely bounce, those gels and mousse extracts will start to weigh your strands down, creating a tired, unkempt look. Not very stylish!

There are many other reasons to wash your hair every few days and care for it properly. Another alarming one many overlook is the possibility of hair loss. When hair is unkempt and unwashed, it is more subject to breakage. And once you lose it, it’s not so easy to grow it back. That’s just the awful truth.

Just because something is a “fashionable trend” does not mean it is healthy. See what works for you. Always strive to be the best version of yourself and not just follow anybody else’s standards of beauty.

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