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Give the Gift of Hair Restoration
December 12 2014

Give the Gift of Hair Restoration

As you make your list and check it twice this year, keep in mind the power of nontraditional gifts to really show your loved ones how much you care. During the holiday season, we shower our friends and family with tokens of our appreciation for their presence in our lives, and while we can all make use of nice new pair of socks, the truly thoughtful gifts are those that consider each person as a unique individual with specific desires to be fulfilled. Sometimes the nontraditional gift is easy to identify while other times they can take a bit more creativity, but these presents can include anything from cooking classes for the food lover to dog-training sessions for the animal lover. Consider for a minute the case of a loved one struggling with thinning hair or hair loss. These types of changes in hair frequently cause individuals to feel less like themselves, down, embarrassed, and disinterested in participating in their normal activities. They are not always sure where to turn or who to trust, and they don’t realize how many solutions are available. Giving the gift of hair restoration to these loved ones allows him or her to be his or herself again!

For the Directional Hesitator

Directional hesitators are loved ones who have shared their frustrations about hair thinning or loss, but do not have any idea what to do (or which direction to turn) next. They put off finding a solution because they don’t know who they can trust or if the results will be worth the effort. For this friend or family member, help them reach their goals by doing some research for them. By giving them the gift of your time you are empowering them to take the next step. Put together an info packet for them with information you have gathered, recommendations for local support, and a big coupon for a personal hair and scalp consultation (our treat – free for you!). If you like including something tangible, ask a member of our highly-trained staff to help you select a product to go with the packet.

For the Financial Hesitator

Financial hesitators are loved ones who know what they would like to do to halt or correct their hair thinning or loss, but are reluctant to pursue that solution because they are unsure if the results will be worth the expense. Give this individual a chance to test out the difference by contributing to their restoration method of choice (spoiler alert: they will definitely think it’s worth it!). If they have not yet identified a hair restoration specialist to work with, invite them to do so by scheduling a free hair and scalp analysis at a trusted local institution. Then, do some research into their preferred technique and decide how much you would like to contribute. Get creative with a fun coupon to let them know, and, depending on the relationship, perhaps offer to accompany them to their appointment. We usually find that once a person experiences the returned sense of self, they feel confident in who they are and confident that the results are worth the expense. What a gift to help give someone you care about that first step to get there!

For Yourself

What can we say? We think you are wonderful, and if you think your hair needs some help, then you deserve to treat yourself to it this holiday season! Skip the impulse buy (you know, the one that you typically pick up while shopping for others and call a gift to yourself) and make plans to give yourself something that will truly change your life. Start by scheduling a free consultation today. ‘Tis the season, right?

Hair thinning and loss can be a challenging subject for people to discuss with friends and family. If you are privy to a loved one’s feelings about the issue, you have the opportunity present them with a gift that has the potential to change that individual’s life. It is imperative to treat the matter with care and respect. If you would like to offer someone you love the gift of hair restoration this holiday season and are looking for more information, call today. Our staff can make recommendations on ideas and approaches that respect privacy and embrace the festive spirit.

Photo credit: Vincet_AF via Flickr Creative Commons