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Six Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked
November 25 2014

Six Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked

Sometimes what is understood to be common knowledge is actually a series of old wives tales that have been passed down for so long that they are simply assumed to be true. In fact, there are a number of these misconceptions about hair loss that are actually myth and can deter an individual from having the healthiest hair possible. Today, we look at six common myths about hair loss and proceed to debunk them. Prepare for some surprises!

Wearing a Hat Causes Hair Loss

Not so much. One might argue that a highly constricting hat could cut off blood and nutrient flow, that dirty hats could lead to scalp infections, or that tight-fitting hats could increase breakages in dry, brittle follicles, but these are unique scenarios that require a bit of a stretch. For almost all people, hats do not cause hair loss, and if there is any relationship between the two, it is frequently that hair loss causes hats!

Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Back Thicker

This is an optical illusion. When your mane is in need of a trim, the split ends at the tip of each strand create an appearance of thinness. By trimming these pieces away and leaving only healthy hair on the head, the overall look is thicker, but the hairs themselves are the same as they always were. Do keep your hair trimmed to maintain healthy locks; it looks good, despite not actually changing the thickness.

Hair Loss Comes from Your Mother’s Side of the Family

And also your father’s. Genetics are a complex and dynamic science and while there are some traits that actually come down to a single gene or even chromosome, hair loss is not one of them. It may be true that the hereditary factors on the mother’s side are marginally more dominant, but it is certainly not the case that everything you need to know to predict your future hair state can be found by looking to a single parent.

Shampooing Causes Hair Loss

It’s actually just normal shedding. Everyone sheds hair each day, and it is especially noticeable in the shower when strands in the telogen, or resting, phase of the (completely normal) growth cycle are discarded. If you notice a significant increase in the amount of hair being shed in a normal shower schedule, you should schedule a consultation with your local restoration specialist; however, even in this scenario, shampooing is the revealer of the hair loss, not the cause.

Only Old Men Lose Their Hair

False, false, false. Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age for any number of different reasons. 40% of women suffer from thinning hair during their lifetimes. Disorders such as alopecia areata and trichotillomania frequently impact individuals during childhood. While a higher percentage of aging men may experience certain types of hair loss than other cohorts, they are definitely not the only people dealing with losing their hair.

There Is a Cure for Hair Loss / Nothing Can Be Done

Neither of these is accurate. Each individual’s hair loss is different and so are their prognoses, options, and responses to treatments. There is not a single ‘cure’ for all people, nor is there a bleak outlook for the future. The key here is to find the solution that is right for you. Working with a hair restoration specialist is the most effective way to explore options and discover the answer that best fits you in an efficient and successful manner.