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2017 Spring Hairstyle Trends for Ever face Shape
March 21 2017

2017 Spring Hairstyle Trends for Every Face Shape

The new season is here, and everyone is ready for a change. It’s time for some new clothes, new colors and a new spring hairstyle. But just how much “change” does spring call for? Something subtle or something more drastic? This could depend on the shape of a person’s face.

The four main face shapes are round, long, oval and square, each with their own distinct features. Which face shape looks the best with this year’s styles and trends? Keep reading to find out. This article will highlight some of the trendiest haircuts for 2017 that will go perfect with any face shape. For a new, trendy haircut this season, think messy, think long and think blowouts. Here’s a look forward for the season’s hottest hairstyles this spring.

Round Faces: Flaunt the Forehead

The features of a round face are a rounded chin, slightly outward face curve and wide cheekbones. For women with a round face, consider long layers that help to elongate the face. The forehead is the one of the best facial features on a woman with a round face, so it’s recommended to part the hair down the middle to show it off. Otherwise, go with a shaggy pixie haircut to show off other features, like gorgeous eyes. All it takes is the right haircut and the right volumizing products. Emma Stone, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence all have round faces that can help inspire this year’s look.

Long Faces: The Face of a Queen

This spring think long, like Rapunzel long, or at least Kim Kardashian waist-length long with hair extensions or wigs. A long face is regal, has high cheekbones and is longer than it is wide. Besides super long hair this spring, women with long faces look great with textured bangs and trendy full-fringe haircuts at any length past the chin. Other celebrities with long faces include Victoria Beckham, Meryl Streep and Courtney Cox.

Oval Faces: Anything Goes

The oval face is versatile and can try out haircuts like most people try on clothes. The features of an oval face shape include a slighter wider forehead than the chin, which is typically soft and curved. Think Oprah Winfrey, Tina Fey and Salma Hayek. For an oval face, the best 2017 haircut is a textured bob that starts at the chin or a longer, messy bob for a more trendy, modern look.

Square Faces: Fit for a Princess

The best 2017 spring hairstyle for a square face is a feminine cut with loads of volume that is just past the shoulders. Think Princess Kate, Lady Gaga and Natalie Portman. What women with square faces have in common is a face that is as long as it is wide, a minimal curve to the jaw line and the sides of the face are straight. Getting a blowout will make a haircut softer and fuller, while helping to draw attention away from the chin.

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Photo Credit: JESHOOTS Via Pixabay