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How Hair Extensions Can Change Up your Hair Style for Spring
April 02 2017

How Hair Extensions Can Change Up your Hair Style for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with colorful fashions and refresh your hairstyle with a new trend. There are some great ways, like using hair extensions to change your hairstyle that are easy to do. Read on for some ideas to refresh your hairstyle in time for spring.

Use Hair Extensions

For an easy way to try a new look, hair extensions are one of the most practical solutions around. They come in both human and synthetic hair types and in a wide range of shades. Hair extensions are ideal for people wanting to experiment with a new look and can be fixed using clips or tape. Some are braided into your hair, and there are extensions that add volume as well as length. Hair extensions work well when you are letting a short style grow longer and don’t want to let it get untidy. They are designed to blend with your natural hair color and are just the thing to get you in the mood for celebrating spring with a new style.

Try a New Cut

Spring is a good time to get your hair styled in a different way with a new cut. Your hair stylist can advise on a shape and design to suit your needs. Alternately, take a picture of a style that appeals to you. Shorter low maintenance styles are ideal for vacations and are really practical for warmer weather. You’ll also find ideas for party styles, wedding hair and more.


One of the easy and inexpensive ways to update your hairstyle is to use accessories. There are some elegant headbands on the market that add sophistication in moments. You can also buy hair clips, brooches and some really colorful pieces to match your outfits and update a look in no time. Weaving a braid into hair is another easy way to update a look in no time.

Having hair that looks good in springtime is an easy way to be ready for warmer weather and more time outdoors. Whether you go for a new style or want to try hair extensions there are some great ideas to choose from and experiment with for good looking locks.

At New Look Institute, we can help change up you look whether you’re suffering from hair loss or you’re interested in creating more length and volume to your hair with hair extensions. Either way, there’s simply no reason to wait another day to have the amazing hair you’ve always wanted. To schedule a free consultation call us today at (408) 279-4247 or to contact us via email click here.

Photo Credit: w8lifted Via Pixabay