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Trichotillomania and Your Teen: Hearing from Others
July 01 2014

Trichotillomania and Your Teen: Hearing from Others

This post is the fifth in a six-week series on Trichotillomania and Your Teen. Through education and comprehension, families can begin to address the disorder and get access to assistance and support.

Today we take a look at the stories of five brave young women who overcame their fears to share their experiences with Trichotillomania in an effort to show other teens that they are not alone in this challenging disorder. A huge thank you to these fantastic females for breaking down walls!

Arden’s Story

Cierra’s Story

Beckie’s Story

KK’s Story

May’s Story

Thus far, we have sought to understand Trichotillomania and covered signs and symptoms, initial steps, and treatments and solutions. Next week we will take an in depth look at the TLC (the Trichotillomania Learning Center). Please join us through this series as we explore some important facets of this challenging disorder, and if you or your teen are struggling with Trichotillomania, do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists to begin your journey towards assistance and support today.