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March 08 2019

How Laser Hair Therapy Can Help Restore Your Hair

A positive body image is a wonderful thing, and everyone is entitled to such a feeling. That is why when men and women find themselves battling hair loss, they should know there is a solution. Several solutions are available to combat hair loss, depending on the client and the cause for the hair loss. Laser hair therapy is a great solution to help with hair loss.

February 27 2019

Are You Worried That You're Prone to Hair Loss?

Are you worried because you see strands of hair on your hairbrush or in your shower drain? Everyone worries about losing hair at one time or another. As we age, hair naturally thins. Some people lose more hair than others as a result of genetics. There are varying causes of hair loss. It's possible a person can be genetically predisposed to hair loss and also caused by something else.

February 20 2019

How Long Will it Take for My Hair Treatments to Start Working?

If you have decided to get help for thinning hair, you may have already chosen your methods of treatment. Different treatments yield different results for clients and the amount of time it takes to see a difference may take weeks or months, depending on the method you choose. Here's a breakdown on how the different treatments work and what to expect when you're looking for results.

February 07 2019

Will Minoxidil Work For a Receding Hairline?

Have you recently noticed a receding hairline? For many men, this type of aging is a fact of life. However, you don't have to wait for your hairline to slowly fade away before you get help. We all want to look and feel our best, and today there is plenty of science to help with men who inherit hair loss. Is Minoxidil one of them that can be effective?

January 24 2019

Consider These Flattering Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

New Look Institute offers free consultations to people who are dealing with hair loss and thinning hair. and we offer many attractive solutions. Thinning hair and hair loss often create a need to reconsider your present hairstyle and to experiment with other styles that can be as flattering. Men and woman are both affected with thinning hair with either temporary or permanent hair loss. 

January 15 2019

8 Vitamins And Minerals That Promote Great Hair

In our society, hair is big part of our personal brand. It helps to identify who we are. The people we know associate us with how our hair looks. When we pull up the image of a person in our mind's eye, one of the dominant features is that person's hair. They have long or short hair, straight or curly, blonde, brown, black, red - it's an important factor we use to identify them.

January 02 2019

New Year, New Extensions for the Gorgeous at Heart!

Are you losing your hair but you feel embarrassed to talk about it? You are not alone. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that forty percent of women will experience hair loss by the time they are the age 40. Hair loss for men is commonly discussed but for women it comes with a social stigma. In our society, thinning hair is viewed as a loss of health and youth. 

December 26 2018

Scalp Eczema Flare Ups Can Be Controlled

When inflamed, itchy, dry skin forms on your scalp, you most likely have scalp eczema. One of the most noticeable symptoms is dandruff. This dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory condition caused by the overproduction of sebum, oils secreted by the scalp's sebaceous glands. Fortunately, it is not a contagious condition.

December 19 2018

Is Saltwater Damaging to the Hair?

Everyone loves to spend time on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the wonderful saltwater! However, many people may be wondering if saltwater is less than ideal for their hair. While saltwater can be soothing to the skin, the reality of the situation is, that it can actually be damaging to the health of the hair.

December 10 2018

Follicular Hair Transfer - Is Surgery Right for You?

Most men and women experience hair loss as they get older, but the good news is that there are tons of solutions for consumers today. Hair loss can be caused by several different issues, ranging from autoimmune issues to anxiety to male pattern baldness. Our mission here at the New Look Institute is to educate our clients and offer the best cutting-edge hair restoration solutions for men and women.