Hair Restoration Blog

August 07 2019

The Risks of Buying Wigs Online for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a devastating experience, and, understandably, you want to resolve it as quickly as possible. Buying wigs online might be one of the first ideas you have for cosmetic recovery, and you probably wonder if there are any risks involved in it.

July 22 2019

Understanding the 4 Phases of Hair Growth

On average, humans have up to 150,000 hairs on their head and five million over our bodies. From our eyebrows and beards to tiny hairs in our noses and ears, they all grow in the same way.

July 15 2019

5 Reasons to Try Hair Extensions

Your hair is a large part of your identity. The color, length, and style you choose says a lot about your personality and who you are. Having a hairstyle you are proud of instills a sense of confidence and boosts self-esteem that you carry with your personal life as well as your career. There are times that our natural hair needs a little extra help. Hair extensions can give you just that!

July 08 2019

How Do I Choose a Hair Replacement System?

Hair thinning and hair loss happens for a variety of reasons in both men and women. The good news is that no one has to know but you! There are a variety of hair solutions available to give you a full head of healthy hair that leaves you feeling as confident on the outside as you are on the inside. One popular solution is hair replacement systems. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of hair replacement systems and how you should choose the perfect hair system.

June 24 2019

Is Low-Level Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Safe?

Low-level laser therapy techniques control hair loss and stimulate follicles to produce new strands. When done by an experienced professional. These treatments are safe and effective.

June 19 2019

Celebrities Have Hair Loss Too

Hair loss happens to the best of us. Even the (so-called) sexiest, most attractive people on earth- celebrities. Knowing even movie stars have hair loss can make us feel a little less alone. Here's a few of the rich and famous amongst us that have admitted they have alopecia.

June 10 2019

Just How Important Is A Healthy Scalp?

Hair loss can be a truly a sensitive subject, but there's hope. In fact, losing hair is a condition that impacts both men and women alike. Women take pride in the look, feel, and texture of their hair, but men want to feel confident about their hair too. If you're suffering from hair loss, you're not alone. 

May 22 2019

The Benefits of Castor Oil - If Any

Castor oil may have some benefits that aid certain physical issues for specific persons. People have used it as a popular home remedy over the years. The castor seed, or bean, was one of the first commercial products.

May 15 2019

The Facts About Dry Shampoo: Can I Lose My Hair?

There are times when dry shampoo can save the day. When you don't have time for a regular shampoo, these sprays or powders prove to be a quick way to spruce up your hair by fluffing it out, making it appear cleaner and more voluminous, and giving it a nice scent. You can use dry shampoo to help extend the life of a color treatment (though it will lose some of its shine) and/or maintain salon styling service a little longer than usual.

May 06 2019

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff is what happens when tiny pieces of your scalp start sloughing off. The bits of skin catch in your hair follicles, making it appear that you're either not washing your hair or that you've developed some sort of skin condition. One out of every five people in the United States suffers from dandruff at any given time.