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May 17 2012

What's the difference between Female and Male Pattern Baldness?

Among the many biological occurrences that manifest differently for men and women, one that is especially different is cycles of hair loss. The idea of male pattern hair loss (MPHL) is widely known and often discussed.

May 09 2012

Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum Hair loss during pregnancy, happens as your body transforms itself into an incubator, providing food, shelter and nourishment to a brand new life. After childbirth, you might be relieved to have it all over! No more morning sickness, no more hormone imbalance and the mood swings that come with it, no more weight’s finally over. After all those months you deliver and welcome the opportunity to reclaim your body as a familiar entity once again. But after delivery, over the next few months, you might start to notice more hair than normal is falling out in the shower and showing up on your hair brush. Then you look in the mirror and see that in fact you have significantly less hair then you used to. It may feel as if your hair has been coming out by the handfuls. You could be flooded with emotions and questions: Is this stress? Have I developed an illness? What’s wrong with me? What you might be experiencing is something called postpartum hair loss.

April 24 2012

Hair Care Products: Does the Brand Name Really Matter?

We’ve all experienced those moments in the supermarket, pharmacy or department store when its time to choose a new hair care products. We begin to ask ourselves, “What’s the difference between these two brands?” and follow it up with, “is the difference really worth that much more? It’s all soap anyway, right?” Well, in fact choosing the store brand, or other significantly less expensive hair products can actually make a difference in performance. Bargain shopping is always a wise route, but when it comes to hair treatment, cheaper is not always better.

August 13 2011

Children's Alopecia Project

September is National Alopecia Awareness Month. And as it happens, I stumbled upon a Facebook post about the Children’s Alopecia Project, and just thought I would share it, so here goes: