Hair Restoration Blog

September 24 2013

Three Non-Surgical Approaches to Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common cause for concern and self-consciousness. There are effective hair restoration treatments available, but patients with hair loss often—quite understandably—balk at the idea of surgery. 

September 19 2013

Laser Hair Therapy for Female Hair Loss

This video from the TV show “The Doctors” depicts a young woman who suffers from hereditary female baldness. Hereditary female baldness is actually a very common condition, affecting one out of every four women. Unfortunately, strength in numbers doesn’t boost self-esteem. 

September 16 2013

Are You a Candidate for Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser hair therapy has become one of the most popular hair restoration techniques in the last several years, and New Look Institute has become San Jose’s leader in laser hair therapy. Most of the people who walk through our doors and many who don’t are great candidates for laser therapy. And we’ve seen some truly amazing results from this newer technology.

August 09 2013

New Look Helps Jen Get Her Dream Wedding

New Look Institute had the privilege of being part of something truly amazing last Saturday – the wedding of a young couple named Jen and Jeff.

November 26 2012

Hair Loss and Your Job Interview

Securing a job interview is a difficult feat. If you’re interviewing with a prospective job, it means that you’ve made several large cuts and they like what they see from your resume and cover letter. The trick of the interview is to help them like you as much in person as they do on paper. You’ve spent countless days searching for jobs online and have likely been on many interviews that haven’t panned out. Are you tired of sitting at home, surfing the web for opportunities day after day, only to blow your chance on interview day?

October 16 2012

Overcoming Female Hair Loss

According to recent studies, 40% of women by the age of 50 years old will show some sign of female hair loss. Hair loss is not only a problem for older adults. Many young women and even some girls struggle with the emotional effects of hair loss after they are diagnosed with certain medical disorders. Whether you’re an older woman coping with alopecia, a teenager struggling with trichotillomania, or a working professional in the midst of chemotherapy, being a woman with hair loss is not easy.

September 12 2012

Short Hair and Female Pattern Baldness

Have you noticed Beyonce’s new cropped ‘do? She’s not the only celebrity getting on the short hair bandwagon. Elisabeth Moss, better known as Mad Men’s Peggy, has recently debuted a smooth blonde pixie. 

May 23 2012

Does Being Bald Hurt You in a Job Interview?

Don’t lose out over hair loss: Nail the job interview and get the job. In our tough economic climate, landing job opportunities has become more difficult and competitions for positions have become increasingly fierce. Therefore, when you are invited for a job interview it is even more important to look you best – in every way possible. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is easy to let that fact make you self-conscious or insecure, which can affect your performance in your interview.

May 17 2012

What's the difference between Female and Male Pattern Baldness?

Among the many biological occurrences that manifest differently for men and women, one that is especially different is cycles of hair loss. The idea of male pattern hair loss (MPHL) is widely known and often discussed.