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May 26 2015

A Busy Life May Cause Hair Loss in Women

In the U.S. approximately 66% of women work more than 40 hours per week. Add family and daily household maintenance to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for stress. We know the obvious side effects of stress like high blood pressure, fatigue, or even serious heart conditions but one side effect that can blindside a woman is hair loss.

May 19 2015

Celebrity Hair Replacement: Saying Bye, Bye, Bye to Hair Loss

What do A.J. McLean, and Joey Fatone have in common? Besides being boy band legends they both have turned to the world of celebrity hair replacement to maintain their youth and good looks. 

May 12 2015

Beauty Hurts and May Cause Thinning Hair

Women are always striving for gorgeous hair and the eternal good hair day by consistently trying the latest products or gadgets to get that look. You know, that fresh off the runway look, But at what cost? Flat irons, hair product chemicals, and harsh brush bristles are murder on your hair. 

May 04 2015

The True Meaning of Hair Replacement Systems and Wigs

We are often asked if a wig and a hair replacement system are basically the same. Without responding with a long clarification of how very different hair systems are from wigs, here’s a basic rundown of the explanation normally given by hair replacement providers to clarify how the thinning hair can be concealed.

April 28 2015

4 Causes of Women's Hair Loss

30 million women experience some sort of hair loss and usually are lost on how and why they are losing their hair. Hair loss can take place when female hormones become unbalanced. Although hormones run on a cycle, a man’s testosterone levels drop as they age which aids in hair loss.

April 22 2015

Types of Women's Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss can be impermanent or perpetual. Impermanent hair loss is easier to resolve when its cause is discovered and taken care of, or an ongoing problem when it is not clear what the reason is. Balding that could conceivably have been short-lived, may become more permanent if given the wrong diagnosis. 

April 16 2015

It's Time To Get Your Hair In Shape For Spring

After dealing with winter’s extreme weather, your hair can be vulnerable to breakage and left in an extremely fragile state for springtime. According to most stylists, spring is the optimal time to reverse any damage that may have been caused by the freezing cold, snow and wind of winter. Our stylists have some basic tips that will help get your hair in shape for spring. You can:

April 01 2015

Men's Hair Replacement: Helping Restore More Than Hair

For a guy, there’s just something great about having a full head of hair. Hair loss can easily take more than just hair itself; it can take a man’s confidence right along with it. Many guys think that hair loss is something they simply have to deal with, but because of new technology, men have a choice when it comes to keeping and regaining their hair.

March 25 2015

Women Experience Hair Loss Differently

At New Look Institute, we often talk about the fact that hair loss affects women very differently than it does men. Women’s hair is a significant part of her identity, and that is true for a lifetime, whether or not she experiences thinning hair. To better understand the difference that men and women have when it comes to hair loss, we thought it might be valuable to highlight some ways that hair loss is different for women. 

March 16 2015

Women's Hair Loss: How to Catch it Before it's Too Late

While American women are focused on getting lean and proving they can be their best, at least one in four women will run into an unexpected hurdle – hair loss. If it happens to you, there’s good news waiting, if you’re willing to take action. Hair loss for women can naturally be reversed or resolved more often than it can be for men. However, early treatment is critical.