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August 25 2015

The Stress of Hair Loss and Chemotherapy | Chemotherapy Wigs

One of the most stressful diseases a person can contract is cancer. Unfortunately, the use of chemotherapy for treatment can bring on significant hair loss and add more stress. Generally speaking, chemotherapy is a drug that is designed to kill rapidly dividing cells, which is a characteristic of cancer cells. 

August 18 2015

The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

Lasers are widely used in the medical field today. But most people aren’t aware of the benefits of using laser hair therapy to stop hair loss and help replenish damaged hair. Most people have heard of laser hair removal, so the idea of using lasers to help replenish hair sounds crazy! 

August 12 2015

Taking The Fear Out of Hair Loss Solutions For Men

It’s no big secret that a common problem men face is hair loss. What most men don’t realize is they don’t have to fear the hair loss solutions available today. There are several non-surgical hair loss solutions that actually work and are far more believable than the ancient toupee. Transitions Hair Loss Centers’ own Tino proves that there is nothing to fear but no hair at all.

August 08 2015

Presidential Candidates and Their Hairstyles

A Presidential candidate’s hairstyle can absolutely be a factor for them on the like-ability scale. If you think back, America has not elected a bald President since Dwight D. Eisenhower. Public perception means everything to a politician. If a candidate is confident in the way he or she looks that confidence will come across to the American people.

July 25 2015

Matthew McConaughey's Hair Loss

Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey has been the subject of many conversations about hair loss and hair replacement. Judging from his performance in the movie “Dallas Buyer’s Club” and the weight loss lengths he went to in order to be believable as a man suffering from AIDS, it wouldn’t be a big stretch to assume that he has undergone a hair replacement procedure to further his successful acting career.

July 06 2015

Does Entourage's Jeremy Piven Suffer From Hair Loss?

Actor Jeremy Piven, known for his character Ari Gold on the hit HBO series and movie Entourage, is in control of his life both on and off screen. He’s not the type to let hair loss set him back.

June 24 2015

Five Nutrients You Need To Maintain Healthy Hair

Did you know there are five key nutrients needed to maintain healthy hair? A well-balanced and healthy diet is crucial to looking and feeling great and having gorgeous hair is an important part of this equation. 

June 17 2015

Two and a Half Men Star Amazed by Hair Replacement

Television stars feel the pressure of maintaining their looks on a different level than non-celebrities. Lights and cameras can be very revealing. When a celebrity suffers from hair loss it’s almost mandatory to do something about it. Two and a Half Men Star Jon Cryer has admitted to undergoing a hair replacement procedure. 

June 09 2015

Hairstyles Throughout the Years

Every so often a television series will take us back in time and tug at our nostalgic heartstrings. The hit TV series recently ended its eight year seven season run. This beloved television phenomenon took us through the 1960’s and early 70’s. In order to be true to each era, the show remained authentic down to every last style and look.

June 05 2015

Are There Tell Tale Signs to Hair Loss?

Hair loss does not discriminate. Anyone, male or female, young or old, can experience hair loss. Like most medical conditions, early detection is key. We all lose a certain amount of hair each day. Losing about 100 strands of hair a day is considered normal. Because significant hair loss is gradual it is tough to catch right away. The best defense is to be mindful and observant and pay attention to your scalp.