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January 04 2015

Diagnosing Hair Loss Causes

Noticing that hair loss is happening can be far easier than figuring out why it is happening. From genetics to diet, stress to medications, and disease to external damage, causes of hair loss can vary greatly and just like any abnormal physical change, understanding those causes requires the assistance of one or more professionals who are experienced in solving such mysteries.

December 24 2014

Six Hair-Based Resolutions for 2015

Less than 2 full days remain in 2014, meaning we have little time remaining to set resolutions for 2015. This tradition of setting a goal to make a personal change or two beginning on January 1 has both ancient and religious roots, but the prevalent secular custom that exists today saw most of its expansion as recently as the 20th century. 

December 16 2014

Staying Active and Healthy During the Holidays

Staying active and healthy during the winter can be challenging for many reasons. From a schedule packed with holiday plans to cold, unwelcoming weather to a season that invites sweet indulgence after sweet indulgence, the odds are stacked against our quests to stay fit. Even our psyches can be impacted by the winter. 

December 12 2014

Give the Gift of Hair Restoration

As you make your list and check it twice this year, keep in mind the power of nontraditional gifts to really show your loved ones how much you care. 

November 25 2014

Six Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked

Sometimes what is understood to be common knowledge is actually a series of old wives tales that have been passed down for so long that they are simply assumed to be true. In fact, there are a number of these misconceptions about hair loss that are actually myth and can deter an individual from having the healthiest hair possible. 

November 18 2014

How a Holiday Brainstorming Session Can Help Your Hair

For many, the holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the entire year. For two full months, normal schedules already packed with work, home tasks, social events, and taking care of family are compounded by the added obligations of hosting, decorating, meal planning, turkey purchasing, tree choosing, gift wrapping, volunteering, holiday gatherings, and more. 

November 11 2014

Three Cook-Friendly Thanksgiving Day Hairstyles

Thanksgiving meals presented by Lady Perfection (pictured above) are such a thing of the past that the only photo we could find of the phenomenon requires the role of our glamorous chef to be played by a doll.  

November 07 2014

Looking Back at Our October Cesare Ragazzi Open House

What a fantastic evening it was! Just two weeks ago, on October 22nd, we welcomed the Cesare Ragazzi team all the way from Italy to our New Look Institute office on South Bascom Avenue here in San Jose for an inspirational evening of learning, sharing, and examining. 

October 07 2014

The Cesare Ragazzi Difference

We are extremely proud to have been chosen the San Jose area’s exclusive provider for Cesare Ragazzi Italian hair replacement solutions for men and women. We are especially excited because the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories products truly stand apart with premier European and Italian hair replacement technology that is unmatched anywhere.

September 16 2014

Thinning Hair? Go Short!

Short hair can be incredibly sexy. While long hair has traditionally symbolized femininity, sexuality, and youthfulness, short hair claims representation of women who are powerful, confident, provocative, and active.