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November 06 2020

4 Must-Know Tips for Women to Prevent Hair Loss

Women experience hair loss for a variety of reasons including hereditary, hormones, illnesses, medications, and environmental conditions. Certain causes such as genetics are unavoidable. After all, you cannot change your DNA. Fortunately, other causes are preventable! These are 4 must-know tips for women to avoid hair thinning and hair loss.

October 22 2020

Why is Hair Loss a Taboo Subject for Women?

When you think of balding or hair loss, chances are the first thing that pops into your head is a man. It is perfectly normal and socially acceptable for a man to be completely bald or in the visible stages of hair loss. Nobody does a double-take or gives it a second thought. The same cannot be said for when a woman is showing signs of hair loss. People take notice, even though it is as normal for a woman to experience thinning hair as she ages, as it is for a man. Why is hair loss among women a taboo subject and how can New Look Institute help restore your full head of hair?

October 13 2020

Worried About Dating When Experiencing Hair Loss?

Hair plays a significant role in our society and always has throughout human history. We associate a full head of hair with youthfulness and beauty. It is seen as a sign of femininity in women and masculinity in men. It comes as no surprise that our hair is closely linked with our self-confidence and that any amount of hair loss or thinning can make both men and women feel self-conscious...especially when it comes to dating. If you are experiencing hair loss and either currently in the dating scene or ready to jump back into it and worried that your hair or lack of will stand between you and your soulmate, there's no need to worry. You can restore your full head of hair in no time and confidently dive back into the world of dating!

October 08 2020

What Do You Need to Know About Breast Cancer and Hair Loss?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This much too common disease affects 1 in 8 women and 1 in 1,000 men during their lifetime. One of the most well-known side effects of breast cancer treatment is hair loss. This is your guide to why breast cancer treatment causes hair loss and how our stylists at New Look Institute can help restore your full head of hair.

September 25 2020

Celebrate Trichotillomania Awareness in October

The causes of hair loss are numerous and range all the way from genetics to disorders such as trichotillomania. Once treatment has been sought out for the disorder, you may be afraid that you will have to wait months for your hair to grow back or even worse, live with permanent hair loss. This couldn't be further from the truth! In fact, when you seek the services of a reputable hair restoration studio, you will have plenty of options to restore your full head of hair sooner than you ever thought possible. Here's what you need to know about trichotillomania!

September 16 2020

Laser Hair Therapy: It's Completely Safe!

Experiencing hair loss doesn't mean that you have to come to terms with it. You have options! One of these is laser hair growth therapy, which is an innovative laser technology that helps slow the progression of, and in some cases, stop further hair loss. There is a common misconception that laser hair therapy is risky. The truth is, it is a completely safe hair loss therapy. This is everything you need to know about laser hair growth therapy and how to determine if you are a candidate.

September 08 2020

Are All Wigs the Same? (What Should You Know?)

Are you in need of a hair loss solution, contemplating wigs but not sure if they are all the same? In short, the answer is no; all wigs are not the same. You cannot just grab one off of the shelf and consider yourself good to go. It pays to take your time in picking the perfect wig and the right restoration studio to help you with your hair loss needs. When choosing the perfect wig, you have choices. This is your guide on how wigs can differ and the options you have when selecting yours.

August 21 2020

What's the Difference Between Wigs, Hair Extensions, and Hair Replacement Systems?

If you are one of the millions of women in America who are experiencing hair loss, you may be seeking out professional hair loss treatment solutions. Which one is right for you? This is your guide to the differences between wigs, hair extensions, and hair replacement systems.

August 11 2020

Why Do Men Bald But Women Thin?

In our society, there is the expectation that men will bald at some point in their lives and that women will at most experience hair thinning as they get older. However, not much thought is given as to why men typically bald but women do not. Let's discuss what makes men and women different and how New Look Institute can help restore your head of hair no matter what stage of hair loss you are in.

August 06 2020

New Look Institute Celebrates National Hair Loss Awareness Month

When our hair looks and feels good, we feel great and have more confidence at home, out and about, and at work. Attempting to cover bald and thin spots can be a frustrating process and cause you to be self-conscious. August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month. Here at New Look Institute, we want to take the time to shed light on hair loss which affects an estimated 80 million men and women each year who experience some form of hair loss from minor thinning to complete balding. The good news is that hair loss is not something that has to continue to be a part of your life. Seeking professional hair loss treatment can help you reclaim a full head of hair and begin enjoying life in a whole new way!