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July 05 2016

5 Facts About Men's Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness (or, for you science nerds out there, androgenetic alopecia) is the shrinking of hair follicles until they stop producing hair altogether. This can cause those telltale crop circles of baldness on the back of your head or thinning at your hairline. Want to learn more about it? Here are five facts about men’s hair loss to help us get to the root of the problem.

June 28 2016

How Chlorine Is Affecting Your Brunette Hair

Everyone knows that pool water can turn blonde hair green, but it’s not just blondes that need to protect their hair before swimming. If you have brunette hair, chlorine can damage your strands and leave them drier, frizzier and lighter than before. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect and nourish your hair, so you can enjoy plenty of pool time this summer. If you’re already experiencing hair loss, there are proven solutions.

June 21 2016

Television Star Kaley Cuoco Changes Her Hair After Each "Big Bang Theory" Season

If you could give Kaley Cuoco a penny for her thoughts, “The Big Bang Theory” star might tell you that while she loves playing Penny, she misses being “just Kaley!” That’s why she finds it so important to reinvent her look as soon as she finishes filming. 

June 14 2016

The History of Hairstyles Throughout Decades of Notable Looks

Regardless of your age, you probably look back at some of your old photos and cringe not only at your choice of apparel but your choice of hairstyle. Ironically, your clothing and hairstyle were probably sources of pride decades ago when you sported them! Here’s a look at some of the most iconic hairstyles from generations past.

June 01 2016

Hair Loss and the Best Kept Celebrity Secrets

After several rounds of hair and makeup, most celebrities look picture perfect every time we see them. It’s hard to imagine that some might be struggling with hair loss. In reality some of the hottest stars in the business do suffer from some form of baldness. Here are a few that may surprise you.

May 19 2016

From Brunette to Blonde: Kendall Jenner's Getting Wiggy With It

At the recent Balmain Paris Fashion Week show, guess who was sporting a very different look from her signature brunette locks? It was none other than supermodel Kendall Jenner, wearing no lipstick or mascara, contrasting her naturally dark features with wild newly platinum blond wig and regal outfits to match from white-hot designer Olivier Rousteing.

May 08 2016

How Moms-to-Be Can Celebrate With Healthy, Luscious Hair This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a particularly special time for moms-to-be. However, pregnancy can have a range of effects on a mother’s body, and while some moms-to-be experience fuller, healthy, luscious hair while pregnant, others find their hair to be thinner, more brittle and more susceptible to falling out. 

May 02 2016

A Few Hollywood's Wig Wearing Men

Although the word toupee has become taboo, men are still leery of the word wig. Today, we have non-surgical hair replacement solutions called hair systems. There is always concern as to whether or not the hair system will look natural or real. So it may come as a surprise to all men, that some of Hollywood’s hottest stars use hair systems!

April 28 2016

5 Hot Hairstyles for Men This Spring

Warm weather means it’s time for updating your clothes and hair. There are lots of great hair trends for men this season, including fun updates on classic and vintage styles. The following are 5 hot hairstyles for men this spring.

April 05 2016

After Chemotherapy: How to Get Stylish Wigs

Life following a cancer diagnosis can really change how people think and what they worry about. One of the bigger concerns for cancer patients is hair loss, which is a major side effect caused by some of the powerful drugs. This is less of a worry now, however, due to the stylish options for people suffering from hair loss.