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February 23 2016

What Causes Red Hair?

Shrouded by myth, from the alleged feisty temperament to connections with vampires and lottery winnings, red hair rarely goes unnoticed. It can accompany differences in pain tolerance, temperature change sensitivity, easy bruising and increased likeliness for left-handedness, and has even been rumored to be headed for extinction because of its rarity. However, it appears as though it’s here to stay and continue to maintain its coveted status.

February 18 2016

Hormonal Hair Loss in Women

Although many women base their self-worth on internal factors versus physical appearance, a sudden or gradual loss of hair can traumatize even the strongest feminine ego. While there are many causes of hair loss in women (such as tight ponytails or extreme stress), hormonal imbalance is one of the most common explanations.

February 04 2016

Wear Red. Support Heart Disease Awareness. Get A Discount!

Women are affected by heart disease same as men can be affected by heart disease, but what is alarming is the warning signs are not the same. There are many facts and myths out there about heart disease in women, but the truth is that if you do not distinguish the difference between signs for women vs. men, you could be putting your-self at risk. 

February 03 2016

Wonderful Wigs That Wear Well

Gone are the days when the only remedies for hair loss were the “comb over” or ill-fitting wigs. New technology has advanced to the point where wigs now look like real hair. If you would like to experience the difference a wig that looks and feels natural can make in your life, there are a few things to consider. This simple guide will help you make the right decision on a wig.

January 20 2016

Is Hair Loss Reversible?

Man or woman, young or old, it’s probably safe to assume your hair goals are characterized by adjectives like shiny and thick, not thin and stringy. If you’re noticing less hair on your head and more in your shower drain, don’t panic—hair loss is often reversible. Even when it’s not, there are extremely realistic hairpieces available today that elegantly mask the appearance of thinning hair. You can regain a full head of luxurious hair!

January 13 2016

Hair Loss in Women; What Causes It?

Vin Diesel might be seen as sexy with his shaved head, but all women are expected to maintain glorious manes of hair. Unfortunately, hair loss in women is just as common as it is for men. About 5 percent of women under 30, and 60 percent of women older than 70, suffer from hair loss.

January 07 2016

Four Food That Fight Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a frustrating and challenging experience for any sufferer. However, there are some natural ways you can combat it on your own, and one of the best methods is via your diet. If you want to know what foods you can eat to fight hair loss, check out the list below. These four foods can help restore proper nutrients to your hair and ensure it’s as healthy as possible.

January 01 2016

Stop Your Hair Loss This Year

Have you spent the last few years knocking off the things you need to do off your list? Do you find yourself with the same New Year’s resolutions, but find yourself not accomplishing them? Do not get discourage as your not alone. Only 8 percent of people meet their resolutions and there are many reasons why.

December 23 2015

New Look Institute's Support for Cancer CAREpoint

There are many great organizations out there that do tremendous work with cancer patience. Anything from breast cancer awareness to counseling and support for families. I would like to take a moment and honor an organization that New Look Institute helped raise money for. It is an organization called Cancer CAREpoint.

December 13 2015

Causes of Hair Loss

There are millions of people that experience hair loss and many of those people are looking for ways to stop their hair loss from getting worse. Unfortunately, the majority of reasons for hair loss have no cure, but knowing the type of hair loss you have can help you make the right decisions when trying to find a solution. Below is an outline of causes of hair loss that you might be experiencing right now.