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February 22 2017

The Six Best Things About Hair Loss

Many folks don’t think losing their hair is ever enjoyable. And let’s face it – for many people, even talking about it has become taboo. While hair loss can be related to health issues, genes or the aging process, and while it can be an uncomfortable topic for many, it also presents a perfect opportunity to reinvent one’s self.

February 14 2017

How to Keep Your Winter Hair Looking Natural All Season

Cold, dry days call for better self-care. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, to keep your winter hair looking natural. What is important is that you give your scalp proper care and moisturization, so it doesn’t get dry and frizzy, develop split ends, or result in hair loss.

February 08 2017

Five Reasons We Love Wigs

In Hollywood, the fashion industry and politics, wigs have been used for centuries both as a cosmetic component of success and as a symbol of success itself, as well as for respect and reverence.

February 04 2017

5 Shocking Things That Happen When You Have Unwashed, Dirty Hair

With many celebrities glorifying the bedhead look, dry shampoos and unwashed dirty hair, it can be hard to know what is right or “on trend.” The question, then, to ask yourself is, “What is healthy for my scalp?”

January 29 2017

Six Male Celebrities Who Did Something About Their Hair Loss

Male celebrities definitely aren’t exempt when it comes to hair loss. It may not look like it on screen, but many have had to deal with the problem—whether due to treatments, illnesses, or just the usual human concept of aging.

January 17 2017

How Laser Hair Therapy Helps Alopecia

Alopecia, or hair loss, can be a distressing condition to live with, and finding a way of managing the problem can also be a challenge. Androgenetic alopecia affects over half the global population, including 50 percent of women over 65 and 40 percent of men over 40. However, one of the best ways of tackling alopecia is to use low dose laser hair therapy. Here’s how this treatment works and the types of people best suited to it.

January 10 2017

Experiencing The Power of Giving

At New Look Institute we believe it is important for businesses to give back. So many people in the world are in need and if you are fortunate enough to have all of your daily needs met then giving to others is the right and charitable thing to do. We recently began giving monthly donations to a wonderful organization called “When I Grow up – Empowering Children in Extreme Poverty”.

December 20 2016

Best Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem in 2017

Hair plays a huge role in self-esteem. It can make or break it, boost or destroy it. If you are experiencing emotional setbacks due to hair loss, don’t despair. The New Year is a great time to improve your self-confidence. Here are some practical ways to achieve that: