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November 17 2021

Nervous about the Upcoming Holidays? Get Hair Loss Solutions Today.

It’s the season to gather together with friends and family. As we get closer to this special time of year, you may be wanting to spend time with your loved ones—but also worried about being seen by them because of how your appearance may have changed.

November 01 2021

How Preventative Methods Can Help With Managing Hair Loss

Discovering clumps of hair in your brush or sliding down the drain can be a shocking experience. Hair loss is something that many people fear, but ignoring the issue may only make the situation worse. If you’ve noticed hair loss, or are worried it will happen to you, here are some important do and don’ts.

October 06 2021

What Is the CNC by Cesare Ragazzi and How Does It Help Women with Hair Loss?

When people think of hair loss, they generally think of male sufferers. Male pattern baldness is by far the most common type of hair loss. Hair loss in women is less common, but when it strikes, it is often more devastating.

October 04 2021

How Do I Know If My Hair Loss Is Stress-Related?

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we are struck by an emotional blow, such as the loss of a beloved family member, or a pandemic that just doesn’t seem to want to end. Life problems like these can be extremely stressful, and it’s no surprise that hair loss may occur as a response to these stressors.

September 29 2021

How Women and Girls Can Cope with Alopecia

For many women and girls, hair is closely linked with a sense of identity. Young girls discuss hairstyles and try new things, teens may learn to shave and control their body hair, and adult women often feel like their hair is part of what makes them feminine.

September 22 2021

5 Tips to Have a Healthy Scalp

Many people go through life without so much as a thought of their scalp—until they experience the pain, itchiness, and discomfort of an unhealthy one. Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp needs a little TLC to feel healthy and pain-free.

July 07 2021

5 Misconceptions About Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can brighten up the possibilities for your hair. With a little help from these magical devices, new styles are within reach, and your hair suddenly looks as if it had grown overnight. Despite the usefulness of these clip-on hair attachments, they’re often disregarded by people because of the common myths surrounding them. These are a few of those myths.

June 30 2021

"Burning Scalp Syndrome”―Updated After the COVID Pandemic

Have you ever woken up to a painful and irritated scalp? You gently touch your head, but it feels like you’ve stuck it in an oven, or like the follicles of your hair have turned into lit match heads. Burning Scalp Syndrome is no joke, and it can have painful consequences if left untreated. Here’s what you need to know about this painful condition.

May 28 2021

New Look Institute's Response to COVID-19

If you missed our team at New Look Institute, we have been open through the pandemic and we look forward to helping you with your hair needs. Please call to schedule your next appointment.