Hair Restoration Systems for Men

For more than 18 years, the team at New Look Institute has been working in the field of men’s hair replacement, specializing in design. Our passion is working closely with each client to identify the cause of his hair loss, and connecting him with a hair restoration system that best fits his unique lifestyle, budget and hair needs.  We apply skill and expertise to each hair system we work with, designing it from the base to the color and ensuring it provides the client with the exact look he is after.

At New Look Institute, we only use the most advanced and effective hair replacement products—the ones we know to be natural-looking, comfortable, and long-lasting. To learn more about the hair replacement systems we provide, please review the information below. Then, to discover which one is the best fit for your needs, contact New Look directly.

Cesare Ragazzi

Cesare Ragazzi for Men

New Look offers another alternative for those who would benefits from it. It is the Cesare Ragazzi system, known as CNC Hair Replacement - Capellini Naturali a Contatto ( Natural Contact Hair). The CNC system is a medical grade prosthesis, which replicates the look of a client’s own natural hair and scalp. It is the best available method for addressing hair loss for those who want the best.

At New Look Institute, we take careful measurements of a client’s scalp to create an exact mold. We also match a client’s exact scalp color, hair color, hairline, and hair pattern. All of this information is sent to Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy, where they follow a 39-step process, including the use of 3D printing, to create a unique hair system for each client.

The CNC system from Cesare Ragazzi delivers amazing results; allowing our clients to swim, shower and exercise daily, living life just as they would in their own natural hair.  We invite you to learn more about it today.

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Custom Design Hair

Custom Design Hair for Men

Active men need a hair loss solution that will be compatible with their lifestyle—and most of them would prefer that hair loss solution to be non-surgical. Our Custom Design Hair checks both of these boxes, using the latest in non-surgical hair replacement technology to offer both security and total coverage. Custom Design Hair perfectly integrates with existing hair for a look that is seamless and natural.

As with all of our hair replacement systems, this one is made to perfectly fit your needs—including a natural hairline and color that’s precisely chosen to match your own, and whatever length, style, and density you want.

Custom Design Hair is made from 100 percent human hair, so it never looks artificial or fake. The daily maintenance of Custom Design Hair is essentially the same as natural, growing hair: all you have to do is wash it, style it, and then be on your way! Custom Design Hair stays perfectly in place 24/7, providing a resilient solution that men can feel confident about.

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Hairskeen for Men

New Look Institute is excited to offer our clients with one of the newest options for men who are experiencing hair loss. Hairskeen is a new hair restoration system that can bring you a contemporary solution for thinning hair. This is a non-invasive solution that can not only restore your hair but also bring you the utmost confidence.

Hairskeen is the latest European custom hair replacement technology for men. It provides you with natural looking results in the modern style options. It is made with the highest quality human hair and will provide you with the look you want without sacrificing feeling comfortable. This is an advanced non-surgical hair replacement solution for men that provides you with an exclusive combination of a high-tech, aesthetically pleasing, natural looking result.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality for Men

Another option we can provide to men facing hair loss is Virtual Reality. Another non-surgical solution, Virtual Reality has been widely used to provide consistent, natural-looking hair replacement—even in Hollywood!

Virtual Reality provides men with the opportunity to have a full head of hair that looks totally natural and realistic, and allows them to have whatever style and appearance they want. Here again, daily maintenance is a simple matter of washing, conditioning, styling, and you'll be on your way.

Virtual Reality uses an ultra-thin, breathable membrane, placed on your scalp to serve as a base into which real human hair is inserted.  This hair is chosen to perfectly match your own color. The resulting hair restoration is indistinguishable from your “real,” growing hair; and it’s not like a wig, either—this hair really becomes part of you.

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Hair Replacement Systems from New Look

New Look is pleased to offer men many options for hair replacement—and to find out which option is best for your needs, we invite you to come in for a consultation. Speak with a stylist, and discover the best way to achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of!