Trichology refers to a field of dermatology that is focused on the scalp. Having a healthy scalp is necessary for having healthy hair growth; conversely, much hair loss stems from scalp conditions that might include excess oil, allergies, rashes, or just poor hygiene. At New Look Institute, we put a big emphasis on trichology, and seek to underscore everything we do in the proper understanding of trichological principles. Through our trichology program, we seek to provide each client with a healthy scalp and, thus, with healthy hair.

Scalp Treatments at New Look Institute

In fact, we invite anyone who is dealing with a scalp condition—whether that means hair loss, flaking, or a dry, itchy scalp—to meet with us today. Our commitment to trichology is so great that we actually have a trained and certified Trichology Practitioner in-house, ready to provide effective scalp treatments for those who need them.

It all starts with an evaluation. One of our Trichology Practitioners will conduct a thorough trichological test of your scalp, getting a better sense of what’s going on. From there, New Look will be able to recommend the correct protocol for getting your scalp health under control—and we’ll always recommend a treatment that’s safe, effective, and natural.

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The scalp treatments we provide at New Look Institute are ultimately designed to provide you with a scalp that provides ideal conditions for healthy hair growth; additionally, we can assist with a range of scalp issues, including:

  • Cradle cap
  • Crusty, scaly plaques on the scalp
  • Excess scalp sebum
  • Dry or dull hair
  • Dry or oily dandruff
  • Itching
  • Localized hair loss
  • Oily scalp
  • Seasonal shedding
  • Skin inflammation on the scalp

After we provide thorough trichological testing, we’ll be able to talk with you more about solutions—solutions that fit your lifestyle, your budget, and your scalp and hair needs. In some cases, this might involve dietary changes, or even supplements. In other cases, we might recommend laser hair treatment and/or topical solutions protocols.  We’ll always seek to provide you with the options you need to achieve healthy scalp and hair.

Men Give Your Hair A Future with Capilia - New Look Institute

Women Give Your Hair A Future with Capilia - New Look Institute

Trichology at New Look Institute

New Look Institute is located in San Jose, and provides innovative hair restoration services to men and women alike, all across Silicon Valley. We’re known for our state-of-the-art approach, but also for our friendly, personable service. We’d love to speak with you one-on-one about trichological solutions to your scalp and hair needs.

To learn more, we invite you to contact us at New Look Institute today.