Three Ways to Embrace Your Alopecia
05 / 02 / 17

Three Ways to Embrace Your Alopecia

For those who suffer from alopecia, you know that this autoimmune condition can leave you feeling somewhat lost — but as a little girl showed us, you are beautiful. Part of that beauty is from embracing yourself as you are.

Although challenging, your alopecia journey does not define you. It is simply a part of who you are, so embrace your unique self. Here is how you can turn your situation into a positive experience — not just for yourself, but for others.

Currently, approximately 6.8 million Americans live with alopecia, affecting people of all ages. Although this condition generally first appears in childhood, with a lifetime rate of approximately 2.1 percent — every case is unique, just like you!

If you’re looking to face your journey in a new, positive light, here are some tips.

  1. Understand that you ARE beautiful — as mentioned above, a 7-year-old girl recently appeared on the Today Show. After rapidly losing her hair, she was completely bald. A natural born leader, she embraced her new look and on “crazy hair day” at school, she won. Placing bright, vibrant stickers and gems on her head, she wanted to show that although she’s unique, she’s not any different or any less beautiful.
  2. Let your creativity shine — there are so many fun and gorgeous wigs available. Millions dye and alter their natural hair, so how is that any different? Based on the selection of wigs available, the sky is truly the limit. You can be a blonde on Saturday and a brunette on a Wednesday — you can change your hair with your mood. Define yourself as a strong and confident individual, allowing your creativity to shine.
  3. Educate others — like the brave young girl discussed above, you too can make others feel more comfortable in their own skin. Take the time to start a blog or speak on behalf of the alopecia community. There are millions going through the same journey as you, and sometimes, encouraging words from someone who actually understands can make a world of difference.

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Photo Credit: The Today Show