The Seven Minute Workout Challenge
01 / 28 / 14

The Seven Minute Workout Challenge

The Seven Minute Workout Challenge app took the January spotlight in the app world. Developed by a small team in Canada, the app launched in July of 2013 and was a top 10 seller in 15 different countries by October. By the beginning of 2014, the app was highly rated at 4.5 stars and was selling for $1.99. From January 9 to February 20 though, Apple is offering the app for free, the second giveaway of sorts in a campaign designed to draw customers to their online store. This has brought loads of attention to the app and naturally, a variety of opinions on its effectiveness.

The Seven Minute Workout Challenge is exactly what it sounds like – a workout that takes 7 minutes to complete. The structure of the app involves twelve exercises that are completed in 30 second intervals with 10 seconds for rest in between. No equipment is required. and the New York Times published articles that read as supportive of the methods, even describing the product as scientific. Other sources, like the Daily Mail and writer James Fell point out the extreme intensity required to reap the benefits of the regimen and the allegedly loose use of the term “scientific”.

At the end of the day, what you get out of any workout is going to be based on what you put into it. If seven minutes is your cup of tea, great. If you’d rather exercise for 90 minutes, that’s fine too. Whatever your method, work hard and make the most of your active time. If you’re interested in giving the Seven Minute Workout Challenge a try, Apple is still picking up the tab for another three weeks.

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