The Facts About Dry Shampoo: Can I Lose My Hair?
05 / 15 / 19

The Facts About Dry Shampoo: Can I Lose My Hair?

There are times when dry shampoo can save the day. When you don't have time for a regular shampoo, these sprays or powders prove to be a quick way to spruce up your hair by fluffing it out, making it appear cleaner and more voluminous, and giving it a nice scent. You can use dry shampoo to help extend the life of a color treatment (though it will lose some of its shine) and/or maintain salon styling service a little longer than usual.

Despite its advantages, there are some drawbacks to using dry shampoo, especially if you use it very often or for several days straight. Dry shampoo does not actually clean your hair. It works to absorb oils from your scalp including the waxy sebum that weighs hair down and makes it look "greasy". While it does dry up the oils, it often leaves a sticky residue on your scalp which is often visible. This effect is worsened by pollutants in the air and chemicals from styling products that also build when you go days without washing your mane. There is also evidence that using dry shampoo sprays or powder can eventually cause your scalp to produce less natural oils that are essential for a healthy head of hair.

Most dry shampoos are a mixture of solvents, spray propellants (in the case of aerosol versions), chemical absorbing agents, conditioners, and fragrance. This composition makes them unfriendly to the environment and can cause users some health and cosmetic issues as well. Those who overuse the products and those with sensitive scalps can experience dermatitis and scalp pimples as an after effect. Irritation of the scalp can cause a fungal overgrowth which produces red inflamed skin with dry, irregularly textured patches, and dandruff. These effects can lead to hair loss in individuals who use the product regularly.

While dry shampoo is not ideal due to the potential problems associated with its use, for many it does have its place in their busy lives. Most folks do not have to completely eliminate the product, but everyone should follow some basic guidelines that can lessen damaging effects. First, do not use dry shampoo more than a couple of times a week (less often if you can do without it longer). When you do need to use it, take care not to spray directly on the top of your hair. Instead, hold the aerosol container at least six inches away from hair. Lift your tresses and spray from underneath for best results. Consider an all-natural version of dry shampoo as an alternative for the sprays and powders that contain an abundance of chemicals.

Wash your hair with regular shampoo on a regular basis. Shampoo, warm water, and friction from your fingers will help remove residue on your scalp, thereby clarifying it. Follow your wash with a thorough rinse to assure you remove all the "soap" from your hair. Towel drying your hair following a wash is best for your hair if you have time to avoid the blow-dryer. Choose a shampoo suited to your specific needs which might include adding moisture, treating dandruff, or a product designed to stimulate scalp oil production for dry hair.

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