Short Hair and Female Pattern Baldness
09 / 12 / 12

Short Hair and Female Pattern Baldness

Have you noticed Beyonce’s new cropped ‘do? She’s not the only celebrity getting on the short hair bandwagon. Elisabeth Moss, better known as Mad Men’s Peggy, has recently debuted a smooth blonde pixie. What about Miley Cyrus’ eccentric, spiked cut? Or when Emma Watson shed her famously frizzy Hermoine hair from her Harry Potter role? These got a lot of attention because they’re shocking ... in a good way. Short hair can be liberating and beautiful.

The recent trend in celebrities chopping off their long locks in favor of a shorter bob or pixie cut is great news for women with thinning hair and female pattern baldness. These celebrities are making short hair youthful and trendy, giving women the opportunity to explore with a hair length that maximizes their thin hair.

Short hair – bobs, pixies and crops – can be a great asset for women with thinning hair and female pattern baldness. Unlike men’s receding hairlines, female pattern baldness begins at the crown and top of the head and is usually noticed as thinning hair or a widening center part.

Women with thinning hair can style and cut it to maximize their fine hair. Depending on your type and level of hair loss, long locks can weigh down your already fine hair. A short haircut, such as a layered bob, can add texture, movement and body. When the right haircut is paired with blowdrying, fluffing and styling to add volume, it adds the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Many women with thinning hair and female pattern baldness, however, still feel most themselves with long, beautiful locks. Whether you’re seeking a fun short cut or don’t want to sacrifice your long hair, New Look Institute can help you find the hair loss solution that fits your specific need. Contact us today!