Is It Possible to Predict Men
04 / 28 / 20

Is It Possible to Predict Men's Risk for Balding?

The potential for men to experience balding at some point in their lives is a normal expectation. The age and rate at which men bald differs between each man. Some men significantly bald in early adulthood, while others only experience minor hair loss even later in life. Wouldn't it be nice to know if and when you might experience balding? Is that even possible? With advancements in science and dedicated research, it just might be. Let's dive into the link between male pattern baldness and genetics and how New Look Institute can help!

The Genes Involved in Hair Loss

Studies show that male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) is highly genetic. Male pattern baldness affects around 80% of men by 80 years of age. Researchers have identified about 287 genes that are involved with hair loss. It is commonly assumed that men can look at the older men in their family as an indicator of how balding runs in the family. However, accurate prediction isn't always based on the men's side of the family, the female side also plays an important role. In fact, studies suggest that of the 287 genes involved in hair loss, 40 of those genes are linked to the x chromosome, which is the female chromosome.

What Does the Research Say?

Studies show that the degree of hair loss is linked with each man's genetic pattern. Men with fewer hair loss genes are predicted to be less likely to experience balding. The results of one study in particular showed:

  • 39% of men who possessed fewer hair loss genes than average did not experience any hair loss at all.
  • Only 14% of those with fewer than average hair loss genes experienced balding
  • 58% of men who had high numbers of hair loss genes experienced balding

What does this mean? Although it is impossible to predict hair loss with 100% certainty, it is possible to predict male pattern baldness with a great deal of accuracy. It is estimated that 79-81% of baldness is determined by genes.

The ability to predict hair loss is further substantiated by twin studies. Identical twins share 100% of their genes. Research shows that twins exhibit very similar patterns of hair loss, indicating a strong genetic component.

The Future of Hair Loss Prediction

As technology advances and research continues, more accurate and easier ways of predicting hair loss may be on the horizon. There are indications that there may be a blood test developed in the near future that will be able to predict if and when a man might lose his hair.

What Can You Do If You are Experiencing Balding?

Regardless of when and to what degree you experience male pattern baldness, New Look Institute offers a variety of hair restoration solutions to meet your needs. You can choose to restore your hair back to its former glory or take on a whole new look! Non-surgical hair restoration solutions using 100% human hair are great for even the most active of lifestyles and integrate seamlessly with your natural hair. Our custom designs allow you to pick the color, volume, and length of your new hair. With the low maintenance requirements, you may just forget it isn't even your natural hair!

Our stylists at New Look Institute will conduct a thorough head and scalp analysis. You will then be presented with all of the solutions that will best fit your needs and your wallet. You can rest assured that your stylist will provide comprehensive care throughout the entire process, ensuring 100% satisfaction. Schedule your Free hair analysis today!