Hair Care Products: Does the Brand Name Really Matter?
04 / 24 / 12

Hair Care Products: Does the Brand Name Really Matter?

We’ve all experienced those moments in the supermarket, pharmacy or department store when its time to choose a new hair care products. We begin to ask ourselves, “What’s the difference between these two brands?” and follow it up with, “is the difference really worth that much more? It’s all soap anyway, right?” Well, in fact choosing the store brand, or other significantly less expensive hair products can actually make a difference in performance. Bargain shopping is always a wise route, but when it comes to hair treatment, cheaper is not always better.

In a conversation with professional hairstylist, Nicole Brown, she described situations that she often encounters with her clients concerning saving money. One of these situations includes clients being concerned with trying to save on hair care. One particular client said that one of the things that she would do was wash her hair at home first before coming into the salon for her appointment. At home, the client would use cheap products to wash her hair. Brown warned her client on several occasions about the dangers of washing her hair with cheap, uncertified products. Doing so can damage and break your hair. The client didn’t listen and continued to go on compromising the quality of her products. Unfortunately, over time her client’s hair began to break off dramatically and became weak and thin. Her long hair had to be cut short to give it time to rebuild itself.

Choosing the right hair care products if you are wearing a wig or hair replacement system can be even more challenging, since you are now dealing with non-growing hair as well as your own natural growing hair. In this instance, it is wise to consult with your hair replacement studio or clinic for a recommendation. They are familiar with your own natural hair type, as well as your wig or hair replacement system, your lifestyle, your level of personal activity and a host of other factors, and can make a professionally informed recommendation that you will be happy with and can live with for a long time.

Inexpensive (i.e. cheap) products can keep money in your pocket in the short-term. Maintaining healthy hair, particularly if you are wearing a hair replacement system, a hair integration, or wig not only ensures that your hair will look it’s best, but it also ensures that your investment in yourself and your hair is being well taken care of.

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