Four Simple Hair Care Routines to Implement in 2014
01 / 14 / 14

Four Simple Hair Care Routines to Implement in 2014

For many, hair care involves complex routines, a variety of products, and custom solutions for handling specific challenges. These practices take time to develop and special attention to properly adapt over time. This year, why not start simple by kicking off 2014 with some uncomplicated new habits? Below, we look at four easy ways you can begin to improve your hair care routine by creating a base for keeping your tresses healthy.

  1. Eat well. The vitamins and nutrients you ingest in your diet play an important role in hair health, and paying attention to what you eat is a direct and powerful way to pay attention to your locks. Protein, vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, zinc, iron, potassium, folic acid, biotin, and many other nutrients can all have a positive impact on the health of hair while crash diets and deficiencies in these food-based vitamins and minerals can have negative effects, even months after the poor dietary choices.
  2. Dry gently. Sometimes the blow dryer is a can’t skip step of styling. This handy tool can be damaging to the hair when it is used on the hot setting; try it on the cool setting and avoid overuse. A healthier option is to allow hair to air dry, patting it with a clean towel after washing, gently combing out any tangles, and then giving the tresses time to fully dry on their own. If you never or rarely air dry, try implementing this routine once a week to start with to give your locks a break from the stress of the blow dryer.
  3. Secure for sleep. You’ll go to great lengths to keep your hair healthy during your waking hours, but what happens when you fall asleep? Loose hair throughout the night is often subjected to rubbing, teasing, and tangling as a result of friction with the pillow case when a sleeping beauty tosses and turns. Tying hair into a loose bun or braid though, protects it during sleep and can also help facilitate the gentle treatment recommended above by allowing the locks to dry during the night, producing a nice, natural wave in the morning.
  4. Trim regularly. Anyone who has made an effort at taking care of their hair has heard this mantra repeatedly. But there is a reason for that! Regular trimming keeps hair healthy and makes it look fresh too. This year, make a point to stay up to date on your regular trims.

At two weeks into 2014, complex, time consuming resolutions have begun to give way to old habits for a large percentage of those who set them this year. Start simple instead and let these four easy routines create a healthy base for all of your other hair endeavors ahead. If you suspect hair damage, you can contact a hair repair specialist to explore the issue and learn what options may be available to help you.