Everything You Need to Know About Custom Hair Systems and Toppers
09 / 14 / 23

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Hair Systems and Toppers

Whether it's a day at the office, a trip to the store, or relaxing in the sun, whatever we're doing, we want to look our best. Hair is a vital component of our physical appearance and dramatically influences how we feel about ourselves and the impression we leave on others.

A wide range of factors can cause thinning hair and hair loss, but whatever the cause, the results can be devastating. Losing your hair can leave you feeling physically and socially less attractive.

Permanent or temporary, hair loss can make you feel less likable and destroy your self-confidence. Hair loss can interfere with your professional, family, and social life.

If you have been searching for a solution for thinning hair that gives you immediate results, you should consider custom hair systems and toppers. These non-surgical hair replacement solutions are ideal for men and women struggling with thinning hair caused by alopecia or other conditions.

Custom-designed hair systems enable your stylist to add the perfect amount of hair where needed. Whether you want additional fullness, length, or total coverage, these hair loss solutions can help you regain a full head of healthy, natural-looking hair.

But what are custom hair systems and toppers, and how can they help solve your hair loss issue?

What Is a Custom Hair Replacement System?

Hair replacement systems are non-surgical hair loss solutions that blend natural hair with your existing hair. Custom hair systems are a popular solution for many types of hair loss, including male or female pattern baldness.

Every hair replacement system is custom-crafted from start to finish, with each step customized to meet your specific wants and needs. Our custom-designed hair systems start with precise measurements of your scalp and the crafting of an ultra-thin, skin-like membrane formed to fit your scalp perfectly. Once made, individual strands of 100% real human hair are inserted into the membrane to match your natural hair precisely or create the style you want.

The attention to detail and expert craftsmanship of a custom-designed hair system ensures that it integrates seamlessly with your natural hair. With a custom hair system, you will also be able to continue with all your normal daily tasks like showering, running or any other form of activity.

What Is a Custom Hair Topper?

A custom-designed hair topper is a hairpiece that attaches to your natural hair in a gentle manner that protects your natural hair. Toppers are similar to hair restoration systems but are much smaller in size.

A hair topper provides immediate coverage of any bald or thinning areas on your head. Since the topper sits on top of your head, it reduces any possible tugging or pulling of your natural hair. A custom hair topper protects your natural hair, encouraging growth while effectively concealing thinning hair or hair loss anywhere on the scalp.

Whether you want additional length, volume, or coverage, a custom hair topper from New Look Institute can help you achieve the look you want. Our hair toppers integrate seamlessly with your existing hair and are undetectable, creating a natural and flawless look by also making you feel comfortable. Our custom hair toppers are lightweight and made with 100% human hair.

Once your topper is attached, you can blend your natural hair into it, making it look completely realistic and undetectable. Like hair restoration systems, a custom hair topper can also fit easy into your life. It allows you to continue all your normal tasks without having to make any sacrifices.

What Are The Benefits of a Custom Hair System or Topper From New Look Institute?

Custom hair systems and toppers are an effective solution for people who want to maintain or regain their former look. At New Look Institute, our custom hair systems and toppers are made from the highest quality human hair available. Our hair systems and toppers are lightweight, easy to care for, and can be styled like your natural hair. The result is an undetectable hair loss solution that looks and feels natural.

Whatever your hair restoration goal is, our team of hair specialists can help. We offer a variety of solutions for men and women from custom hair restoration systems, laser hair therapy, trichological treatments and more. To learn more about custom hair systems and toppers or other solutions we offer at New Look Institute, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.