Children's Alopecia Project
08 / 14 / 11

Children's Alopecia Project

September is National Alopecia Awareness Month. And as it happens, I stumbled upon a Facebook post about the Children’s Alopecia Project, and just thought I would share it, so here goes:

“As you know, Alopecia Areata is a disease that causes partial to total hair loss in children and adults, there is not a known cause or a cure for this disease. It is not life threatening but it is life altering and that is why the “Children’s Alopecia Project” or “CAP”, was incorporated as the only non-profit devoted specifically to children with this disease. Our goal is to generate awareness of the disease, build self-esteem via support group participation for children and provide support to the CAP Kids and their friends and family.”

The Childrens Alopecia Project has many functions and events in place to promote awareness, raise self-esteem in kids and to raise the funds to make it all happen.

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